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Hello lovers, Valentines is tomorrow. That’s why everything we want to talk about is our love to red dresses. Here at Papilio, we are surrounded by a big collection of stunning evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Sometimes to find the right dress for a specific client or special event is not an easy job. Of course, we want your dress to fit well, at the time want it to be unique and represent your personality. One thing we learned over the years working in the industry is that if you’re going to impress, turn heads, or even shock, you must wear a red dress! Red is one of the world’s favorite colors, famous for grabbing attention and making an instant impression.

red dresses papilioCrazy in Love: Red Valentines Dresses


Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Choosing the right dress is very important because this color can link to a certain message. Remember that red is associated with love, desire, and sexual attraction. Not to mention, it affects you physically by increasing blood pressure, heartbeat and boosting your mood. It seems that many women who want to attract men wear all shades of red. Choosing a red dress for Valentine’s day shows how happy you are in your relationship and your love to a person. So, got a date for V-day but still struggling to decide what to wear? It’s time to consider a romantic bombshell look in a red dress for your sweet moment.

Wear a red dress for your next birthday!


When it comes to a birthday party, a birthday girl must always be the best-dressed person. You absolutely must wear something unique. Black or pastel colors are too dull for your taste, then go straight to red options for your birthday dress. Red is seductive, ‘the center of attention’ and dazzling color. You can wow your friends with a look of a famous actress in a stylish red dress.

When in doubt, wear red!


Remember that you do not need a special occasion to wear red. Red dresses can be suitable for a lot of events. If you’re not sure what to wear to an upcoming party this weekend, just grab a red dress from your closet. Somehow red boost your energy and gives you more confidence. On top of that, red goes well with all skin tones, hair and body types. There’s always a right shade of red and silhouette for every woman. Do not blend in, when you can stand out from the crowd wearing this eye-catching color. Look fresh and alluring in whatever you wear.

Papilio top picks of red dresses:


Papilio carries a wide selection of red evening dresses that will make a great impression for your event. Each of our collection comes in a variety of red shades from bright cherry, rose red to deeper ones like maroon or burgundy made of gorgeous and high-quality fabrics. Shop all red dresses at Papilio to find the one that fits like a glove!

'Life is too short to blend in.' - Paris Hilton

You can’t go past something red without noticing it. A red dress or clothing pop out in a sea of black and grey shades. Red is inherently exciting and being the woman in red represents a more exciting life. That’s why you cannot go wrong wearing a well-fitting red dress. Life is short, do not blend in!


Happy Valentines!

Papilio Team

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