designer wedding dresses & evening gowns from Europe

Have you been searching wedding dresses or formal gowns on search engines for a while? The process of finding ‘the One’ can be utterly exhausting. Reading reviews, going for appointments and comparing different collections take a lot of time and energy. Our bridal boutique is not a typical bridal store in Toronto or a retailer selling multiple brands. We work closely with European bridal and formal wear brands that exclusively design and make our store’s bridal & evening fashion collections. We offer high-quality, on-trend, made-to-order designer wedding dresses and evening gowns. That’s why our selection is often more fabulous and indeed features unique dresses that you will not find anywhere else in Canada.

Very romantic, elevated and nonchalant artistic fashion that is made to address all women of today who wish to wear something both feminine and daring but at the same time very exceptional.

A model poses in an opulent room wearing a contemporary strapless wedding dress with long sleeves and detailed white leaf embroidery on the skirt and train, highlighting a unique wedding dress style by Papilio Boutique.

Our bridal and evening fashion collections show a brilliant combination of fashion and style. The simplicity of lines, ideal cuts, expensive fabrics cast a sensation of harmony and comfort. You will find our wedding and evening dresses look ultra-feminine, elegant and luxurious. Each dress is a perfect balance of simplicity, sophistication, and, at the same time, the complexity of the modern design. Women with excellent taste and perception of beauty choose our styles. Our philosophy is to make you look gorgeous and feel comfortable on your special day. Lightness, beauty, and harmony are the motifs that run through all the fashion lines we present. 


1. We feature truly extraordinary designs

2. Everything is handcrafted in Europe

3. Personalized VIP shopping with a professional stylist

If you are ready to check our wedding dresses and evening gowns that impress, inspire and fascinate, book your first private consultation and check our exclusive designs of wedding dresses or evening gowns.