15+ Hottest 2018 Prom Dresses in Toronto – PART II

For 2018 prom Papilio designers came up with unique and trendy styles of designer dresses launching two fashion collections: Posh & Fashion Chemistry. Both lines feature styles from simple and timeless to trendy and fashion forward. They presented a wide selection of elegant prom dresses, stunning sequins, little black dresses, backless beauties in the hottest lengths, cuts, and shades. Here are our top picks for 2018 prom dresses:

Style #345:

This two piece outfit features bustier style mini dress made of lace with a detachable skirt. If you are looking for prom dresses in Toronto, come to try it on. Otherwise, you can order online.

Available for order in ivory, black, pink-ivory, orange, and turquoise colors.


$610 dress + $830 skirt*

Style #321:

An elegant jumpsuit with a pretty neckline to dress up the pants. This style is available in ivory, blush and black colors. Feel beautiful, stylish and confident at your prom!



Style #365:

A distinct prom outfit combines edgy and elegance. The style is available in ivory, red, violet-grey, mint and dark blue colors. We can guarantee that you will be the best-dressed guest at your prom gala.



Style #354:

Are you looking to wear something one of a kind? Do you want to look like a celebrity at your prom? Then this trendy sheer dress will be perfect for you. It is sexy yet sophisticated. Look fashionable and super chic!



Style #351:

Gold can make your sun-kissed skin glow. This Hollywood glam dress will show your glamorous side. On top of that, the shimmering effect will spark up your prom night.

Available for order in black and gold colors.



Style #308:

A pastel pink will fit ideally to the 2018 prom season. This soft, light dress will look effortless. Pair it with the right accessories and shoes to complete your naturally beautiful prom look.

Available for order in ivory and salmon colors.



Style #362:

Attention all fashionistas, try this stylish piece! This dress combines fitted bodice with an airy skirt and unique 3D embroidery to give it more texture and character.

Available for order in pink and ivory-pink colors.



Style #314:

One of the essential trends this prom season is one-of-a-kind prints. Show off your confidence with a colorful print. For example, this overpowering dress will turn heads on your prom day.



Style #355:

What do you think about this silky prom dress? Its plunging neckline and open back style the captivating bodice of this flowy dress. The pop of red velvet adds definition to the top.

Available for order in black and beige.



Style #323:

For a princess look, try this dazzling ball gown. The combination of a tight corset and full skirt will make you feel like Royalty attending a ball.

Available for order in ivory, white and gold-blue colors.



Style #347:

The event will usually determine what type of a prom dress you should wear.  This classy and elegant fitted dress with open back and beautiful detailing will fit every formal occasion.

Available for order in black, ivory, and gray colors.



Style #316:

For a sophisticated look, try a long formal dress adorned with a plunging neckline and flowing chiffon skirt. Whatever your style, you will feel confident wearing something that trendy.

Available for order in black and ivory colors.



Style #315:

What about a plunging neckline and a sexy leg slit in one dress? Create a little bit of drama on the dance floor as you twist and turn wearing this sexy prom dress!

Available for order in ivory, blue, green, powder, white, red, black, dark blue colors.



Style #303:

Maybe classic Hollywood glam is your style. Then this fitted dress with sheer long sleeves is the prom dress of your dreams. It is an elegant and chic option for every glamorous prom girl getting ready for her first red carpet.

Available for order in black and pink colors.



We hope we got you inspired. Now it is time to start looking for 2018 prom dresses. BUT do not forget to find the prom dress that will fit your personality, show off who you are and make you feel truly special on this important day in your life. Remember you should wear your prom dress, and do not let the dress to wear you. That’s why be smart when you are choosing your style, silhouette, color, decor, and accessories. Book your appointment in advance, and our knowledgeable consultants will help you in finding the prom dress of your dreams that fits and looks gorgeous.

*size 44, 46 plus 10%

*size 48 & up plus 20%

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