Wedding Superstitions

Wedding Superstitions

Have you ever wondered what the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” really means? Are you curious to know the reason why a bride wears a veil on her wedding day? Do you believe that seeing a bride before a wedding ceremony will bring bad luck? Sit back, relax and learn the truth behind some common wedding superstitions.


Wedding Superstition #1:

Wearing a wedding veil is meant to protect a bride from evil spirits. This wedding superstition has its origins in ancient times. The Romans believed that a veil would act as a shield to prevent jealous spirits from attacking a bride. It sounds crazy, but remember the Romans did build the Colosseum. Nowadays this wedding tradition is still very popular; only the bridal veil has many different styles, designs, and colors.


Wedding Superstition #2:

Brides often like to ask their fiances what they want them to wear on a big day and how they envision their wedding dress. Although girls may not always admit it, all of us like to get advice from the significant other on whether we look good in a dress or outfit. Why cannot a bride and groom see each other before a wedding ceremony? However, this wedding myth became a staple tradition, so a groom could not change his mind. Talk about cold feet!


Wedding Superstition #3:

The Victorian Rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” has been adapted into a novel, a movie, and even a TV show. This time-honored wedding tradition is supposed to bring every bride good luck. Wearing something old expresses a couple’s desire to retain connections with their family upon newlywed life. Wearing something new conveys that a couple will form a powerful bond that will last forever. Wearing something borrowed is an opportunity for a bride’s friends and family to lend her something special to wear. And finally, wearing something blue is a symbol of constancy. Kate Middleton’s was wearing the Alexander Macqueen bridal gown dating back to the 1800’s as her something old.


Wedding Superstition #4:

It is believed that rain on a wedding day is going to bring a lifelong of happiness. This wedding day superstition represents fertility, new starts, and unity. What more could you want from new life with your half? You never know, a storm could bring out a beautiful rainbow after!


Wedding Superstition #5:

Breaking a glass at a restaurant is a bad thing, but breaking it at a wedding is a common wedding ceremony tradition. When a groom breaks a glass, it reminds a happy couple of their commitment to each other. The shards of glass are plentiful!


Put those wedding planning guides away for a while, curl up with a cup of tea, and familiarize yourself with these common wedding traditions and myths. Some of them may seem totally irrational, but it is always fun to know!

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