Hellas Collection

Hellas is the original name of Greece, as well as the name of one of our elegant lines of wedding gowns. When you think of Hellas, what comes to mind? Most likely you are thinking of Greece as the epitome of art, design, timeless style and sophistication. Perhaps you are thinking of the powerful mythology and gorgeous Greek goddesses with their strength, wisdom, and beauty. Maybe you are thinking of the innovations and members of this great civilization as well as their long-reaching influence in our history.


The Greek heritage inspired Papilio designers to create the collection of beautiful wedding dresses. The culture of the Greeks resonates in these gorgeous goddess worthy gowns. Our talented designers were able to capture timeless, sophisticated traditions precisely and then coupled it with a modern flair to create an impressive line of wedding dresses that would make Athena herself green with envy.


Hellas Collection is as timeless and elegant as you can imagine a line named after this pivotal civilization that treasured beauty and all forms of it. The designers tried to reflect it by magnificent design elements and striking details. The collection showcases a wide selection of stunning and graceful wedding dress styles. From the classic full skirts to the luxurious fabrics to the intricate details, everything about this collection is just divine.


You will notice that fabrics range from sheer and delicate to opulent and extravagant and are all embellished with exquisite beading and subtle embroidery. Wedding gowns are ranging from traditional white to dresses which include soft touches of color. Hellas Collection includes many styles which vary widely but are all modeled on the same principles of feminine beauty tailored with a modern flair. No matter what your style is, you will find a dress in the that appeals to you and leave everyone breathless when they see you walk down the aisle.


If you have been on the prowl for a wedding gown that is a blend of both traditional elegance and modern design, then Hellas Collection of wedding dresses may have the dress you have been dreaming. You will feel as if you are channeling Aphrodite herself on your special day!


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