Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are one of the most important accessories that you will decide upon as a bride to be. The wedding veil is the perfect accent to set off your dress and highlight your hair and makeup.


Wedding-Veils-2When choosing veils there are several things to consider. If your dress is very ornate, your veil should be less so. If your dress is more on the simple side, then a more decorative veil may be in order. Another consideration is the style of your wedding dress. There are many different types of bridal veils, and selecting the one that best fits your personal style as well as the flavor of your dress is vital to your comfort and confidence on your wedding day. The final consideration is your hair. Do you plan on wearing your hair up? Perhaps you are consider leaving it down in loose curls. Does an up/down combo appeal to you? Different hairstyles look better with different types of wedding veils. Remember that veils should accentuate the bride’s hairstyle – not hide it or compete with it.


Wedding veils come in many styles and in many lengths. From chin length to full train, the possibilities are plentiful!


Blusher Style: Blusher is a short veil that covers the face. The veil is lifted up when those famous words “you may kiss the bride” are uttered. A blusher can be worn alone for a more modern look, or with a longer veil.


Wedding-Veils-1Birdcage: The birdcage style veil is more versatile that you may originally have imagined. It can be worn with either a very modern dress, or with a vintage style. The birdcage style offers a very sophisticated look that does not come off as fussy.


Cathedral: Cathedral veil is a simple veil that is usually worn at the back of the head. This lovely and elegant style provides a nice accent for many different styles of wedding dresses, and comes in many different lengths.


Pouf: Pouf veils tend to be more on the ornate side and look best with a simple wedding dress. The “pouf” is created by gathered fabric and causes a voluminous look.


Juliet: Juliet cap veil offers a funky vintage vibe to your look. A lave veil that is pinned behind the ears, to create a cap, is the perfect accent to your casual or vintage style wedding dress.


Fountain: Remember those fantastic 1960’s brides whose veils cascaded like a fountain from the middle of their heads? Fountain style veils are as popular today as they were in decades past due to their versatility.


Mantilla: One of the most romantic looks out there, Mantilla veil is inspired by Spanish style. The veil lays on the head and covers the face with no clips or combs to support it.


Whether you are looking for a wedding veil that is long or short, vintage or modern, simple or elaborate, you are certain to find the perfect design when you walk into your favorite bridal salon armed with ideas.

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