Dear Client,   Experience the Joy of Wedding Dress Shopping: Wear what you love, celebrate your inner strength, and radiate confidence and beauty on your special day!   To ensure a flawless shopping journey, we’ve curated our “in-house etiquette” below. Take a moment to explore our exquisite styles online, read our FAQ page, and most importantly, HAVE FUN during your appointment, creating cherished memories with your loved ones!  

xoxo P.B.



We ask that you please arrive on time for your appointment, not early or late, as we need to be respectful of all our clients’ appointment times. 

Our space is small and intimate. Our shop stylist will greet you and your team as you arrive and get you settled in the room before having a quick discussion with you regarding what kind of dress you’re looking for. You’ll then get the chance to browse our racks with the stylist, and we’ll pull out gowns that you would like to try on. 


We ask that you remove your shoes upon entering the boutique. If you would be more comfortable with indoor shoes or slippers during the appointment, please feel free to bring your own.


When you first walk into a store full of beautiful gowns, it’s tempting to want to start pulling them off the racks to try them on. Resist the temptation! Our boutique is full of couture dresses, and our stylists need to keep them organized. Instead, trust your stylist to find you the dress that matches your tastes, and don’t start browsing yourself unless invited.

GIVE FEEDBACK (politely).

The number one thing we want from you is honesty! The more information you can offer us, the better we can assist you in finding your dream wedding dress. That’s why please be completely transparent! Let us know what you do and don’t like about the dresses we pull, and it will help us find something closer to what you want. At the same time, there’s no need to be overly critical of the dresses. The gown you just called “ugly” in the middle of the shop may be the dress another person has been dying to try on. Remember that everybody’s tastes are different and that you can express yourself without tearing someone down.


Finally, remember that shopping for your dress is meant to be a beautiful, wonderful experience. Set your fears aside, and keep in mind that we are here to make you feel comfortable. Dress shopping etiquette is here to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed and to help your appointment go as smoothly as possible. So have fun and enjoy yourself! You may be about to find your perfect dress.

We are conscious and uphold equity and inclusivity in every aspect of our business. Our team has a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to any verbal, aggressive and violent abuse and behaviour towards our staff or clients. We are committed to going as far as refusing to assist anyone who does not share this view. Persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress to staff will not be accepted. Requests will be met wherever possible, and explanations will be given when they cannot.