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Vintage Inspired Wedding

What’s old is new again! If you are planning your wedding and considering a vintage wedding dress, Toronto brides have so many options. Whether it is a tribute to the roaring 20s, or the fabulous 50’s, nothing says romance like a vintage inspired wedding. One of the hottest trends in weddings right now is celebrating the hottest trends of an era gone past.


vintage wedding dressWhile many brides seek their inspiration in modern times, others prefer a wedding steeped in details that ooze with the charm and elegance of another time. Vintage wedding dresses are a great way for a bride to express her individuality and bring her personal style to her wedding day. Her decision to plan a vintage styled wedding is often based on the bride’s desire to include a special piece in her day, for example a necklace or headpiece that was her mother or grandmother’s. In other cases, a bride may choose this path because a certain fashion era appeals to her.


When choosing vintage inspired wedding dresses, the first step of course is deciding which period you will use as your muse. Perhaps you are dreaming of an Art-Deco extravaganza, or maybe a demure 1950’s vibe is more your style. You may find that a bohemian wedding dress is the best suited to your personality. Do your research! The Internet is filled with ideas for vintage wedding dresses, and once you narrow down your choices, shopping for a dress will be much easier.


Now that you have decided upon the decade, you are ready to go out shopping for vintage inspired wedding dresses. Fortunately, finding a vintage wedding dress will not be too difficult. There are many wonderful wedding stores and dealers with expertise in this field who can guide you in the right direction and help you make the wedding of your dreams a reality.


A vintage wedding can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose to make it. You may be dreaming of an elaborately decorated venue that makes your guests feels as if they are living the life of the Great Gatsby with tall vases of calla lilies. Perhaps your vibe is more along the laid-back 1970’s hippy line with lots of daisies. Does a quaint 1950’s gig with tucked waistlines feel right to you? Be assured that you can find the right vintage wedding dress to suit your tastes.


Now for the accessories…the jewelry and head ware you choose should stay true to the style of your dress, but not overwhelm it. If you are looking at a 1920 style vintage wedding dress, we can suggest a lovely Juliet style veil to compliment it. If you are going with a more bohemian look, a crown of simple flowers may be the perfect accompaniment. Adding a piece of heirloom jewelry to your bouquet can also provide a simple yet authentic touch to your ensemble. A traditional large veil like those worn in the 1960s can complete your look too!


Most importantly, have fun! Planning your vintage themed wedding will be a fantastic memory that your will cherish for many years to come.

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