Price Range: $1,500 – $6,000

This bridal collection exhibits the modern styles of a wedding dress. As usual, Papilio designers offered a great selection of dresses with the perfect balance of timeless classic and trendy chic. At the same time, they showcased unconventional wedding trends for the bold bride-to-be. If you are looking for a truly unique wedding dress, get inspired by checking these exclusive designs.

Papilio Boutique features unique wedding dresses handmade in Europe.

First, European bridal designers are famous for their exceptional style and fashion-forward approach. They dictate trends and set up the style direction for the rest of the world. Every year more and more young artists in Europe breakthrough in the wedding industry, bringing their fresh vision. The European bridal market is flourishing with new talent and ideas. Are you a fashion-forward bride who stays on top of trends and likes to be ahead of the game? Are you seeking for something unexpected, never seen before to wear on her wedding day? You should indeed check our European style wedding dresses.


What makes European wedding dresses so different? Someone may argue that European gowns look more couture. European designers see their bride as a girl with a bold character searching for something truly exclusive; she wants to look extraordinary and fashionable. She is not afraid to express herself! That’s why designers are always looking for something brand-new, launch their collections twice a year or at least every year, introducing new bridal trends or updating favourite styles.


Check out our exclusive collection, more than 500+ designs of wedding dresses!

Moreover, European bridal designers emphasize quality over quantity, paying a lot of attention to the dressmaking and detail level. Most of the European wedding dresses are hand made with the world’s finest selection of fabrics from Italy, France, and Spain. Designers in Europe get easy access to the most exclusive, luxurious fabrics and materials available on the market. Every season wedding gowns are made of new textures, bold patterns, unusual colours, and wow details appear on runways.


Being a European company, Papilio brings its unique vision and authentic style with every new collection. ‘Wonderland’ features wedding gowns with personality, intention, and point of view. The dress styles range from simple to extravagant. When it comes to bringing new silhouettes, Papilio designers find a perfect balance between timeless and trendy, offering a modern twist on traditional staples. And even if the style stays the same, fabrics will be more luxurious, and the overall bridal look will be as it just came off the runway! These European style wedding dresses look chic with the right dose of glamour.