Wedding Accessories


Once a bride picks out her dress, she must now consider her wedding accessories. Bridal accessories are as important as the gown because they complete a bridal look. Depending on a bride’s preferences, there are many wedding accessories that can be worn.


Traditional brides use veils and hair accessories to help finish their bridal look. In the past, veils were used to cover the bride to protect her from evil spirits and as a form of modesty. Today, brides can choose from a variety of different lengths, fabrics, and designs for their veils. Some says the longer the veil is, the happier a couple’s life will be. In addition to veils, brides wear hair accessories like combs, headbands, and pins. These add a touch of sparkle to bring the focus up to the bride’s beautiful face.


Another way to upgrade a bride’s look is with accessories like bridal jackets, shawls, and boleros. These help brides keep warm during outdoor photography sessions in the fall, winter or early spring. These can also help brides feel more modest when walking down the aisle at church. A lace bridal jacket over a simple strapless wedding gown can bring a bride’s look to the next level.


A popular trend in the bridal fashion is having separate looks for the ceremony and reception. Brides can achieve this trend simply by using wedding accessories! For example, by adding an overlay skirt, detachable skirt, or removable train you can transform your wedding dress. These skirts give a bride two bridal looks in one wedding dress in order to wow and amaze her groom and their guests. Plus it can be more convenient for the after-party.


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