Vanilla Life – 2022 Bridal Collection (Pre Order Only)

Papilio 2022 bridal collection of luxury wedding dresses is ready for a celebration and a festive mood.


We are happy to present our new 2022 collection of luxury wedding dresses – ‘Vanilla Life.’ Our designers predict that 2022 will be the beginning of the way out of the COVID crisis. The whole world is ready to celebrate love and life again. The central themes of this bridal line are unique, festive, spirited, bright, happy, carefree and  ‘sweet’ life. To reflect the mood of this collection, Papilio designers chose to do a fun, playful photoshoot in bright and juicy colours that call for a joyful party wearing a gorgeous luxury wedding dress.


The vibe of the entire collection ‘Vanilla Life’ is the luxury and glamour of old Hollywood and the sophistication of aristocracy. Papilio designers paid special attention to luxurious dresses in this wedding fashion line. They used only expensive bridal fabrics like French cotton lace Chantilly, silk satin, and natural taffeta. Along with natural silks, they also used light and romantic-looking tulle and flowy chiffon. Sophisticated, draped materials combined with bright accent bows and embroidery create a unique, flirty style. These luxury wedding dresses are made of exquisite material and feature handmade decor for real aristocrats.


Get inspired by these breathtaking luxurious wedding gowns for fashion-forward brides.


Decadent silhouettes and embellishments are a signature of this collection of luxury wedding dresses. Extravagant details such as 3D flowers and feathers on sleeves, dazzling sparkly underlayers, uber-splashy overskirts will help you feel glamorous and walk down the aisle gracefully, like a celebrity. When it comes to the silhouettes presented in this bridal line, there is something for every bride. If you are looking for something dramatic, one of the corseted ball gowns will be a way to go. Or, if a fit-and-flare shape feels more your speed, slip into one of our fitted gowns that will accentuate your curves. There is even a three-piece bridal pantsuit with floral lace applique for an ultra-fashionable bride.


As usual, Papilio designers are not afraid to surprise brides with colours. Vanilla Life gowns are available in various shades, warm ivory, blush powder pink, champagne that all look incredibly flattering and whimsical.


We want to remind you that love and life should be cherished. Start planning your big day by browsing this inspiring collection of luxury wedding dresses. Memorable moments make our life joyful.


Celebrate life, and welcome to the world of Vanilla Life!