Price Range: $500 – $1,420

This evening fashion collection showcases an infusion of classic and modern styles. Evening gowns from this line are classy, elegant, feminine. And at the same time they are stylish, fashionable and lavish. The Posh collection is sure to sweep you off your feet!

While browsing our new collection you may have noticed that colours are stronger, fabrics are more extraordinary, and styles are truly eccentric. The line embodies a fashion-forward woman. Our designers take it one step further to bring true one-of-a-kind look and indulge the company’s motto ‘be different, be unique, be you.’ Not to mention that all Papilio designs are made in Europe. We use only premium materials with beautiful handmade décor, delicate embroidery, and exquisite beading. Our goal is to create distinctive evening gowns and epitomize the modern “vogue” woman.


The collections reflects the most recent evening fashion trends.


One of the emerging evening fashion trends is the psycho-tropical style. This trend is going to breakthrough in the next couple of years. Being a subcategory of the psychedelic movement, the trend is defined by vibrant palettes, nature motifs, and tropical patterns. You will see a lot of creamy hues, deep blues, forest greens, and flower prints available in this collection. 


At the same time, our designers offer styles in high pastel tones and solid darker colours. The current evening fashion trends dictate using neutrals and dark colours in their pastel alternatives. Evening gowns in these colours will look amazing with statement accessories or shoes. For example, style #304 is a sophisticated neutral. You can enrich it with a bright accessory your heart desires.


Another big evening fashion trend is Nocturne. It means night scene, which is what evening fashion is all about. Some of the nocturnal colours offered in this collection are greys, blues, and purples. Style #316 is a gorgeous V-neck evening gown enhanced with intricate beading, for an ultra-feminine and classy appearance. The flowing layers of tulle are intriguing and attractive. Another example will be style #300, an eye-catching dark purple gown. Strapless, silky and sultry – this evening dress will be perfect for your special night out!


Papilio designers took into consideration the emerging evening fashion trends but added the European twist. If you are shopping for evening gowns in Toronto, whether it is a prom dress, wedding guest dress or special occasion dress – we guarantee that this evening fashion collection will have a dress you will feel beautiful and confident!


And remember to Be different, be unique, be you!