Papilio 2024 Weekend affordable wedding dresses in Toronto
bridal fashion, light collection
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bridal fashion, light collection
bridal fashion, light collection
Are you searching for affordable wedding dresses?

Check our latest collections of affordable wedding dresses if you would like to avoid spending a few paycheques on a wedding dress you wear once. Staying within a budget does not mean you need to settle on buying a sample wedding dress with a discount. Even a bride on the tightest budget deserves to say “Yes” to a new wedding dress.


Today, more and more brides are opting for affordable wedding gowns to walk down the aisle. Whether a tight budget is necessary due to the pandemic or you simply prefer a high-quality, inexpensive wedding dress, you can look like a million bucks. Getting an affordable wedding gown means that you have more funds to send towards other components of your wedding day and make it even more fun and memorable. For example, you can put it towards your honeymoon or live band.


Stop stressing over your wedding dress budget and get inspired while browsing our bridal collections of affordable wedding dresses online.


The last thing you want to do is to sacrifice style and quality when it comes to your dream wedding dress. You also do not need to look for wedding dress sales and discounts. Believe us that inexpensive wedding gowns can be as stunning as designer versions of wedding dresses. 


That’s why Papilio designers created three affordable collections of wedding dresses under the bridal line called – ‘Papilio LIGHT.’ Wedding dresses in this line are under $1500, with some options well under $1000. Our designers were able to offer better pricing on these wedding dresses for two main reasons. First, they spent months outsourcing more affordable wedding fabrics and elements of decor. Secondly, we will only offer these bridal collections online only to decrease retail costs and overheads.


Papilio LIGHT features more than 100 designs, pretty much each bridal silhouette and colour. Each collection within this line has a different vibe and covers every bridal style, including classic ball gowns, sexy fitted silhouettes, modern sheath dresses, short skirts and bridal suites. For example, the Freedom bridal collection will inspire all contemporary brides on a budget. The collection offers a lot of bold, loud and edgy bridal designs. On the contrary, the Summer Garden collection is more suitable for a romantic bride and provides many dreamy options, from classy satin slips to glamorous ball gowns.


Papilio LIGHT has a wide selection of styles and colours that will satisfy and inspire any bride on a budget. Our designers have carefully curated fabrics and embellishments to create unique designs at reasonable prices. Hand made decor makes these wedding dresses exceptional and genuinely authentic. Start your search by browsing these affordable wedding dresses online. If you want to modify a particular style, book a virtual consultation online. Our consultant will be able to advise you on what is possible based on a dress’s pattern.