Price Range: $1,130 – $4,400

This bridal line is a diverse collection featuring many bold designs of luxury wedding dresses and fashionable silhouettes for all the 2023 brides-to-be. Papilio designers stepped it up a notch and offered bridal wedding dresses that are romantic, classy, and, at the same time, sexy and stylish. 


We are happy to present our 2023 bridal collection of luxurious wedding dresses, called ‘Perla Rosa’. The Rococo art movement has encouraged our bridal designers on the creation of this charming wedding collection. Rococo’s playful, romantic and inspiring images became a leitmotif for the design of these elegant wedding dress styles. The main idea behind the Rococo style is to give a spectator sensual pleasure, to entertain, to charm and, of course, to please. That’s what a group of our designers tried to convey this sentiment while presenting this bridal line for 2023 brides. Its photoshoot has an idea to showcase the aristocracy’s relaxed, luxurious life while featuring extravagant designs of wedding dresses against the bright contrast of the Rococo style paintings. The images of this 2023 bridal collection exhibit new wedding dresses as playful, inspiring, romantic and super attractive. 

Papilio’s 2023 bridal collection features a fantastic combination of current fashion trends.

One of the prominent wedding trends this and next year is using three-dimensional design elements. It can be a statement bow, puffed sleeves, textured embroidery or other decor elements on a wedding dress. Our bridal designers love this trend and present it beautifully in this bridal collection. As a leading European bridal brand, we take pride in creating unique designs of wedding dresses and signature handmade embellishments. Floral arrangements are not new to the bridal fashion. Still, for the 2023 bridal collection, our designers reworked this romantic trend and presented it in a new way, turning this classic bridal trend into something more modern. 


This year’s well-known bridal trend in the bridal industry is one-of-a-kind, signature designer embroideries with ‘real-looking’ flowers or pearls. Your attention will be drawn to the handmade decorations of these luxurious wedding dresses. Bouquets of lovely lilies became the main accent of this bridal collection. This whimsical design feature became a true statement. You will see 3D floral appliques adore sleeves, skirts, and bodices of some bridal gowns, making these dresses look even more alluring and romantic. 


The abundance of intricate details, airy decorative bows, girly ribbons and unreal flowers make this line of luxurious dresses quite exquisite and genuinely represent the Rococo style, interpreted in a modern way.

What colours will be trending for 2023 wedding dresses?

Our designers offered more pastel colours among traditional bridal shades like classic ivory, white and blush. In the past few years, blue has become the new blush! Our bridal collections have offered many options of gorgeous blue wedding gowns to fit any fashionable bridal celebrations next year. For the 2023 bridal collection, our designers decided to focus on one-of-a-kind powder bridal dresses, soft peach wedding gowns or gorgeous frocks in light green.


The 2023 bridal collection is also full of a variety of silhouettes. With the return of large-scale weddings, you can finally dream about a big wedding and princess ball gown. This bridal collection has several luxurious wedding gowns that are made of light tulle or organza with dreamy voluminous skirts. Those luxurious wedding gowns will make you feel like the belle of the ball. Suppose you prefer more fitted wedding dresses with clean lines. In that case, our bridal designers offer a few options of those beauties with statement accents like a detachable bow or off-the-shoulder cap sleeves decorated with flowers. Necklines deserve special attention when speaking about our 2023 bridal collection. Asymmetrical necklines incorporated in classy silhouettes look new and quite trendy. And, of course, Paris Hilton inspired a second neckline trend – mock necklines. You will also find two-pieces bridal looks and mini wedding dresses that you can wear after you say ‘I do’ or for your engagement celebration.

Are you getting married next year? – Embrace new bridal trends in the 2023 wedding season.