Impression Bridal Collection – Part I

Papilio has just revealed a preview of its wedding dresses 2020 collection named Impression. The work of artists from the impressionism era inspired this bridal collection. Impressionists are famous for laborious and detailed work. They captured the real world naturally with its vibrant mobility, differences of color and light caused by daily and seasonal changes. As a result, their paintings create the feeling of sparkling sunshine and richness of colour. After all, impressionists brought a fresh view to the visual art and the perception of life.


Certainly, the traditional approach of impressionists is very close to Papilio’s philosophy. Wedding dresses and evening gowns always display the hard work and constant attention to unique details. Prominent in this collection of wedding dresses 2020 is a reflection of the bright and reverent concepts apparent in impressionist paintings. Moreover, designers named all wedding dresses after the most famous paintings by impressionist artists. The 2020 bridal collection showcases sunny mood and creates a great feeling of lightness, weightlessness, and celebration. In short, these wedding dresses are gorgeous pieces of art.


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