Price Range: $750 – $2,150

If there is something that is meant to bring a modern bride’s dreams to reality, then it should be nothing but our recently born bridal collection – Freedom. It focuses on the dazzling fashion repertoire of refined touches, meticulous finishes, and haute couture detailing that represents our sincere commitment to endless femininity and a truly exquisite taste for a modern wedding setting. With each piece being an ultra-sleek alternative to a traditional wedding gown makes it possible to be effortlessly carefree and simply fascinating in all of its manifestations.

This bridal collection feels fresh and modern. The spirit of freedom, drive, adventure and great excitement inspired Papilio designers to create it. Being a part of the Papilio Light line, Freedom features contemporary wedding dresses made of light fabrics with contemporary decor. The concept of this collection highlights the idea of having a stylish wedding setting and embracing your individuality.  The roar of bike engines, vivid pictures of bikers dressed in leather, and gentle images of beautiful models wearing unusual bridal accessories like chokers, gloves and sunglasses, create a juxtaposition that highlights the spirit of freedom and independence.


If you are a bride who is willing to ditch the idea of a big, princessy ball gown and wants to buy something more current, get inspired and check the stylish wedding dresses ‘Freedom’ has to offer. You will find designs that are not only fashionable but also simple and contemporary. Every one of those modern wedding dresses will draw attention to the bride’s personality. If you are looking for a crisp, up-to-date look, the Freedom collection of modern simple wedding dresses will fit for the undeniably modern bride.


This time Papilio designers offered slimmer silhouettes, straight sheath or modified A-line cuts, barer, often strapless, halter or backless tops, unique textures and truly contemporary decor. Browsing the collection, you will notice a lot of extravagant dress silhouettes decorated with modern lace, beads and handmade decor. To showcase the spirit of this collection, designers offered minimalistic cuts, accentuated tops, and details like pearls that are relevant to the upcoming bridal season. Here are some highlights of contemporary wedding dresses from this unusual bridal collection that showcase the most current bridal trends.
Modern lace wedding dresses

If delicate, traditional bridal lace is in the past for you, check bold graphic lace that looks fresh and modern, but still very feminine. Styles #12068 and #12076 are more casual lace wedding dresses that still look soft and super romantic.

Coloured wedding dresses:

If you cannot commit to all-over ivory colour, choose a modern wedding dress in light champaign. Styles #12070 and #12081 offer fuller skirts made of tulle that will soften your bold statement.

Wedding dresses with pleated skirts

For an ultra-modern yet timeless bridal look, choose a simple wedding dress with sheer panels and a pleated skirt. Style #12062 and 12078 are excellent examples of this fashionable trend. It will show off your modern approach to wedding “business.”

Classic wedding gowns with a modern twist

If this is not enough and you are looking for a simple, classy silhouette with an unexpected twist for your big day, go with a contemporary take on a classic wedding gown. Designers gave this traditional dress a bold new look, with a highly structured shape and flattering neckline. A sleek belt is a perfect accessory to tie all together. Check out styles #12066 and #12075.

Wedding dress over pants

What about half pants, half dress? Get excited because a wedding romper with a detachable train is now a big thing, not just for wedding guests, but also for Mrs. Bride-to-be. Some celebrities rocked this super-cool trend. That is why it is perfect for a modern bride who wants to stand out. Dress #12074 will take your style to a whole new level.

And that’s not it! Freedom features a lot more attractive options of ultra contemporary wedding dresses for a modern bride-to-be. If you are looking for a simple stylish wedding dress then Papilio can be your modern bridal boutique. Get inspired by this fresh collection of modern wedding dresses that are simultaneously unique and at ease and book your appointment now.