Price Range: $620 – $1,660

This collection of evening dresses is incredible, especially if you are looking for prom dresses. It features a lovely variety of silhouettes and colour choices for young ladies. You will find a lot of gorgeous styles that are in fashion right now, from particularly trendy mini dresses to classic floor-length gowns with elegant slits, available in so many hot colours of the ’22 & 23 season.

Our new evening fashion collection of prom dresses is a mix of happy emotions, a splash of bright colours and a diverse line of stylish designs.

Working on this line, Papilio designers have incorporated many fashion trends that truly inspire. One of them is using unique embroideries on formal dresses. The embroidery ‘Lilies of the valley’ became a signature of this chic collection of prom dresses. Our designers decorated these beautiful evening dresses with handmade embroideries to make them distinctive, more youthful and romantic-looking.

This collection is filled with seductive silhouettes, radiant colours and a wish to rediscover a carefree lightness in our formal wear. 

Using different materials like mikado, satin,  chiffon, tulle, organza, etc., they offer a wide variety of dress styles that can be great for such a big celebration in your life, like prom. Particular attention should go to stylish prints, flower drawings on fabric and tinted textiles. Those are exceptionally fashionable evening gowns. Combining hot style trends with unique colour variations made these dresses ultra-posh. Of course, one of our favourite shades this season is radiant purple, which we guarantee will replace blush in the years to come.

Colours like ultraviolet, mint, raspberry or watermelon are trendy choices of the season! The shades are so bright you will need sunglasses.

It looks like hemlines have gotten higher. The collection offers a lot of options of stunning mini dresses. No matter the length, luxurious graphic forms and exquisite minimalism makes this collection of dresses look extraordinarily elegant and sophisticated and suit as the ultimate statement. If you prefer sexy dresses with cut-outs or corseted ballgowns, there are a lot of dress choices, showing a kind of contemporary femininity.