Cosmopolitan City Bridal Collection

Papilio just presented a brand new collection of modern wedding dresses ‘Cosmopolitan City’ under its line Papilio Light.

The Papilio Light line of wedding dresses has been designed for a stylish, modern bride who is looking for a classic wedding ceremony in a light format. You can easily imagine this type of bride getting married on a seashore, outdoors in a park, or on streets of a big city. She does not want a big, fancy party in a banquet hall, and prefers an intimate, small celebration with only her close friends and family. That’s why the main task of our designers while creating this bridal line was to emphasize the natural beauty of every bride and offer a humble, gracious frame.

Cosmopolitan City is a debut collection of Papilio Light. The collection was inspired by a modern megalopolis. It presents a nice selection of contemporary wedding gowns and relaxed romantic outfits that reflect current fashion trends. These modern wedding gowns feature simple silhouettes, flowy chiffon skirts, charming cutouts, and light playful details.