Price Range: $620 – $1,880

This collection is bright and presents a rich colour palette. You will see luxurious colours from delicate pastels to bold and saturated colours. For example, there are a lot of evening gowns in black. Classic black that is especially popular this season. The name of the line definitely reflects the idea behind it and the style of these gowns. It will allow you to choose the most beautiful black tie dress or a gala gown. The collection is full of designs that are most appropriate for this fall or winter.

The collection features a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and finishes. You will also see complex embroidery, tone to tone beading work, and other exclusive details. Designers uniquely applied those features to the bodices and corsets of gala dresses & gowns from this collection. This styling is also beautifully used in the delicate skirt decoration. Not only does the embroidery complement the design, but it also creates a new texture of the fabric, and adds complexity and individuality to each dress. Browsing through this evening fashion collection you will also find intricate and spectacular draperies, delicates lace, airy skirts that underline feminine beauty and create a sophisticated and very noble look. After all, as opposed to casual clothing only gala gowns can allow you to wear more complicated decor elements, vibrant colors such as gold and silver, feathers and original embroidery.