Felice Evening Wear Collection

Papilio’s new evening fashion collection ‘Felice’ which when translated from Italian means happiness, creates a sense of celebration. It combines graceful lines and perfect cuts with luxurious embroidery and unique decor. The collection is full of exclusive designs and silhouettes as well as a broad palette of colors. It mixes classy, flowy dresses and puffy, airy tutus. It also includes fantastic dress suits and rompers. Thanks to the variety of styles, ‘Felice’ dresses are perfect for any celebration, from graduation balls to cocktail receptions to wedding ceremonies.


A primary inspiration behind the Felice formal dresses is the idea of the confident woman. These ladies inspire others and know who they are and what they want to achieve. We believe that confidence is on trend this season. Papilio designers have drawn on the connection between clothing and confident spirit to create the collection full of event-ready dresses.


The collection is set to premiere this summer, and we have put together a quick list of top trends, inspired by the confident lady, to keep an eye on for the rest of this year and into next! Additionally, as hard as it was to choose, these are our favorite styles from the collection when you are looking for your next night out dress.


Ruffled evening gowns:


Feminine chic is making a comeback with everything from big dramatic ruffles that are the main feature of dresses to dainty ruffles to accessorize sleeves or neckline.  Ruffles elevate a simple gown and add a touch of movement when strutting down the street. Our most beloved styles are #434 and #409, from dramatic to more elegant look.


Velvet evening gowns:


A trend that works best in the winter, velvet will keep the warmth while staying stylish. This fabric has a unique sheen that looks amazing as an accessory or full-length evening gown. As seen in Styles #432 and #408, the texture combination is one to keep an eye on and consider if you are on the lookout for an elegant winter gala.


Transparent dresses:


A hint of skin can be seen on the runway this season. Transparency is a bold way to show some skin but at the same time look elegant and sophisticated. Sheer fabrics can be seen on the dress bodice and even skirts to create a unique look for the boldest and most confident ladies. Our favorite styles embrace this trend in different ways. Check out Styles #401 and #429.


Tulle dresses:


The perfect amount of volume can be achieved through dramatic tulle skirts which have been seen in so many cocktail dresses and evening gowns offered this season. Papilio’s new fashion collection is no exception. Tulle can be ultra-feminine but also gothic inspired and fashion-forward. You can follow this trend in the contrasting styles of the line. For example, Style #425 embraces the ballerina style and is almost angelic, while Style #419 is fierce and couture inspired.


Color dresses:


Black dresses are no longer reigning supreme, although a natural choice of many ladies, evening fashion is now embracing spring colors, bright and beautiful. Ranging from pinks to blues, every color of the rainbow is represented in this evening wear collection. Our personal choice is the pastel inspired Style #440 and the bold and vibrant red of Style #406.


From long-sleeved dresses to vintage-inspired evening gowns, Felice has something for every single stylish woman. Step out of your comfort zone and wear something new, bold and sexy that will make you feel fabulous and confident!