Bridal Accessories

Choosing the perfect wedding dress requires the most thought and consideration. However, once you have located your dream dress, it is time to spend some time searching for the right bridal accessories and add-ons.


Papilio Collection of wedding accessories features a diverse selection of designer wedding veils, headpieces, headbands, and necklaces, amongst many other items.


Each ornament is guaranteed to add the crowning touch needed to complete your perfect bridal look. All Papilio bridal accessories are elegant and feature classic style infused with a modern touch. For example, wedding veil is a charming, traditional bridal accessory that creates an air of mystery. Historically, the veil was believed to protect a bride from evil spirits. It also serves as a symbol of purity and modesty. Wearing a bridal veil will not only enhance the beauty of your wedding gown, but it will also transform your overall look. For this reason, many women do not truly feel like a bride unless they put a veil.



At Papilio Boutique, we strive to offer unique veils and bridal accessories at affordable prices. Our selection of wedding veils includes many different styles, hues, and lengths. For example, if you would like a beautiful cathedral veil to trail behind your wedding dress, we would recommend looking at our 230 cm or 300 cm length veils. These veils are ideal for brides who would like to create an air of drama and sensation when walking down the aisle. On the other hand, if your style is more contemporary and modern, we would suggest looking through our shorter veils, which range from 90 to 180 cm in length. You will find many different shades of ivory and white to find the option that perfectly matches your wedding dress.


Are you an offbeat bride who would prefer not to wear a wedding veil on your special day?


Go ahead! No rule says you have to. Instead, why not consider choosing wedding accessories that fit your personality and the theme of your wedding? Just a few of the options you’ll have to choose from at Papilio include headpieces, headbands, hairpins, tiaras, and hair flowers. We guarantee your look will be exceptional and one of a kind.


Each piece in the Papilio collection of accessories is 100% handmade.