Evening Dresses Trends for Summer 2015

Evening Dresses Trends for Summer 2015

The fine art of creating a beautiful evening gown is one that has been mastered by only a handful of top tier designers, but the gowns that have hit the runway for the 2015 season are in a class by themselves.


The beauty of nature has been a prominent source of inspiration for many designers. One example is Monique Lhuillier who has stated that a recent trip to the Bahamas’ Harbour Island was a source of inspiration. Drawing inspiration from the reflective qualities of the water and the beautiful lavender and blush hues of the sky, she sought to imbue each of her pieces with the same sparkle. The end result was a diverse collection of nature inspired avant garde and traditional pieces.


Silhouettes for this season have not varied much from popular trends of the last couple of seasons. A line cuts, short cocktail dresses, and three dimensional outlines once again graced the runways this season. Instead, designers have chosen to punch up their designs by experimenting with technologically advanced fabrics.


Evening gowns created from “liquid satin” are proving to be particularly popular this season. When reflected in the light, the look of this fabric appears to be metallic. Other examples of such techy fabrics include luminous embroidery used along the hemlines of floor length gowns and titanium beading. An increasing number of two piece evening and cocktail gowns are now being offered by designers with the goal that just a few pieces can be used to mix and match looks. Cut outs and crop tops continue to make appearances as well. In keeping with the use of techy fabrics, even casual cocktail dresses have been constructed from structured, high shine gazar.


For this season, gowns with more traditional outlines have been imbued with sequins, intricate floral designs, and elaborate beading. These classic silhouettes are being taken up a notch by the addition of unexpected surprises, like colorful tulle added beneath hemlines to create a visually captivating, three dimensional effect. Optical illusions have become immensely popular this year, including overlays (ideals for showing a glimpse of leg) and bodice netting (resembles the appearance of skin). In a turn that the vintage and boho set will love, this season has produced a number of gowns accompanied by the use of capelets. The use of this accessory is ideal for women who wish to cover their shoulders, but do not want to commit to wearing sleeves.

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