colored wedding dresses

Colored Wedding Dresses

While every bride dreams of a beautiful wedding dress that fits her like a glove, speaks to who she is and accentuates her favorite features, not every bride dreams in white. Some brides dream in color! Colored wedding dresses are a wonderful and unique alternative for that bride to be who finds traditional white to be a little too ordinary for her tastes.


Colored wedding dresses run the gamut from a gentle blush wedding dress to striking red wedding dresses. Some of the most beautiful designs to grace the runways in recent years have not been white. In fact, wedding dress designers have found inspiration in almost every color in the rainbow, and even some colors not found there! Like white dresses, they are available in a variety of lengths, styles and moods. From very casual to highly formal, colored wedding dresses are available in as many options as white, and possibly more!


Brides have many reasons for selecting colored wedding dresses. Some feel that a white dress is just too stark or too plain for their tastes, or their complexion. Other brides are looking for a wow factor that they feel they cannot find in a traditional dress. For brides looking for something a little less formal, colourful wedding dresses can provide a more casual air. Other brides simply like the look that colored wedding dresses provide.


For those brides that want to step outside of convention, but not too far, blush wedding dresses or ivory wedding dresses are a perfect fit. Lightly colourful wedding dresses ooze with feminine charm and are whimsical and delicate. Ivory wedding dresses are just the start though. Light blue wedding dresses, pale yellows, gorgeous lilacs and barely mints are just a few of the options for brides looking for something a bit off the beaten path.


colored wedding dresses

If you are looking for something more dramatic and are completely comfortable throwing custom aside, then perhaps a black wedding dress, or a black and white wedding dress is more your style. The polar opposite of white, a black wedding dress can provide a visually stunning choice for the chic bride who is confident in her style and knows exactly who she is. There is a reason that black is such a popular color for women’s clothing. It is universally flattering, timelessly stylish, and always striking.


For your special day, who says that you need to subscribe to anyone else’s ideal of what a wedding dress should look like? Be true to yourself and you are guaranteed to feel beautiful and self-assured.


Here comes the bride. All dressed in…..wait! What?   If you are looking to add a touch of the unexpected to your wedding, and feel that a white wedding dress just doesn’t feel right for you, than colored wedding dresses are a fashionable, fun and feminine alternative.

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