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When you get an invitation to a wedding, first you may feel pretty excited, but after some time, many of us get overwhelmed by the thought of what to wear. We are here to rescue you with many wedding guest dress ideas that are in style this season, will make you stand out, and not overshadow a bride-to-be. 


At Papilio, we offer a variety of fashionable wedding guest dresses that can fit you if you are a mother-of-bride or groom, maid of honour, or just a special guest of the happy couple. Our evening fashion collections offer a beautiful range of designs, from elegant floor-length gowns appropriate for black-tie affairs to simple, sophisticated cocktail dresses for casual daytime weddings. Basically, we carry every style to fit any personality and memorable occasion. Our formal guest dresses are couture garments made-to-order and range in price anywhere from $650 to $1500. 



Every wedding is so different. Some weddings have very strict dress code requirements, especially when it is a black-tie event at an upscale venue. Some of them are more casual events. That’s why before you start shopping for evening gowns or cocktail dresses, there are a few essential details to check. It will be helpful to know if it is an outdoor or indoor celebration, formal or semi-formal, church or city hall ceremony, etc. This will allow you to narrow down your style options and help you succeed while shopping for wedding guest dresses. For example, you can choose a light cocktail dress with a beautiful floral print or a mini dress in a bright colour for an outdoor wedding. If it is a religious wedding, it is better to keep things formal and buy a maxi dress with some sleeves, off-the-shoulder or 3/4 sleeves. Remember, all religious ceremonies are about modesty and classy looks. Of course, if you are not 100% sure about which way to go and what will be the most appropriate dress or outfit, you can always ask a bride-to-be or close family members for suggestions. 
Papilio wedding guest dresses
Papilio wedding guest dress



Before presenting you with some wedding guest dress ideas, let’s look into fashionable dress colours. First of all, the season of the wedding you attend will be a significant aspect when choosing the colour of your dress, but also there are a few other considerations to keep in mind. It will be perfect for fall or winter events to choose deep colours like navy blue, burgundy, or, so fashionable lately, forest green. Other trendy colour options are purple, eggplant, or dark caramel. When a wedding takes place in the spring or summer, you are welcome to choose lighter colours. The most popular shades for wedding guest dresses are blush pink, light gray, or pale blue. This summer’s hottest pick will be a beautiful purple, lime or lilac. There are a few NOs. First, although wearing black for weddings has become more favoured in recent years, some people still feel very strongly about it due to their culture or religion. That’s why make sure to check before buying a black wedding guest dress. A bride-to-be will most likely reserve white, ivory or cream. Unless your invitation states ‘white party’, do not even look at formal white dresses. You do not want to shock other guests and let your bride shine that day. One more thing, it is a good idea to check what colours bridesmaids will be wearing, because you do not match them as well.



Selecting the right accessories will help you complete your look and feel stunning. For example, an elegant little clutch will keep your look classy and glamorous. Besides, it still gives you somewhere to put your phone or lipstick. If you plan to dance the night away, you may want to bring a pair of comfy shoes. What about sparkly flats? And, of course, do not forget about bling! A lot or just a little bling will depend on the complexity of your formal dress. Remember to keep it tasteful. If the event you are attending is more conservative, elegantly drape a shawl or fur over your shoulders for an ultra-sophisticated look.
Best wedding guest looks from Papilio’s latest collections – ‘Flora’


Browse our collections of evening fashion to discover perfect wedding guest dresses that will fit your personal style, season, special occasion, and most importantly, make you feel like a million bucks.


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