Sole Mio Collection

Ahhhhh… Italy.   Can you think of any place in the world more charming, more romantic, or more alluring? From the sun-drenched splendour of the Italian beaches, to the vast and colorful lusciousness of the Italian wine regions, to the ancient and majestic ruins in Rome, Italy represents all that is beauty and passion. In addition to its natural beauty and wonder, Italy is also recognized as the standard of fashion and design to which all others aspire. Italian design has a flair and sophistication all its own, coupled with the very highest standards for quality.


The Sole Mio collection of elegant wedding dresses from Papilio was designed with just that vision in mind. Like the country for which it was named, this collection is filled with diverse and exquisite designs each radiating pure joy and happiness. Our designers were able to capture the magical and timeless appeal of Italy and then translate that feeling into the most lovely and artful wedding gowns you could imagine. The dresses in the Sole Mio collection are simply lovely.


The Sole Mio collection of wedding gowns is filled with flattering and classic silhouettes, that are both graceful and fashionable. These elegant wedding dresses are created from the highest quality materials including luxurious silk, fine detailed lace, and delicate beading. Not even the tiniest detail has been overlooked in the crafting of these romantic and feminine dresses. The careful craftsmanship is apparent in every delightful detail.


Feminine and timeless gowns from the Sole Mio bridal collection are the perfect juxtaposition of classic elegance and modern design.  Unique flourishes create interesting and unusual gowns. The gowns were designed to celebrate femininity and flatter the female form. Details like a subtle peplum, a plunging back, or creatively placed cut outs add interest to the already stunning designs. Delicate unstructured bodices of fine lace or unusual neck lines provide flair to these enchanting gowns. This diverse collection runs the gamut from long sleeved and lacy to flutter sleeved and silky. There are a number of stunning options to ensure that every bride will find a dress that appeals to her style and personality.


The breathtaking beauty and grace that you imagine when you think of Italy is accurately reflected in this collection of classy and elegant wedding dresses that embody all of the culture and heritage you would expect from a line called Sole Mio. Sole Mio translated means “My Sunshine” and you will feel as radiant as a sunbeam in one of these gorgeous dresses. They are truly some of the prettiest and most elegant wedding dresses available for brides.


Celebrate your special day feeling lovely in one of these delightfully feminine and stunningly beautiful high quality dresses.