Papilio bridal boutique Toronto features a great selection of designs at affordable prices

Our boutique is the exclusive representative of Papilio Fashion House in Toronto. Papilio is a well-known European brand that initially specialized in creating only luxurious wedding gowns. Today the company offers several lines of bridal and evening fashion.


Over the past decade, Papilio has become extremely popular in Europe and Asia, currently being represented in 30 countries and more than 170 cities. Its unique style and exceptional quality of its garments has earned it a solid place in the industry.

Following the latest Eastern and Western trends, Papilio shows a brilliant combination of fashion and style. Simplicity of lines, ideal cuts, expensive fabrics, made of natural refined threads cast sensation of harmony and comfort. Wedding and evening gowns from Papilio look ultra-feminine, elegant and luxurious. Brides all over the world with excellent taste and fine perception of beauty chose Papilio.


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Alena Goretskaya 1The Designer


Alena Goretskaya is one of the most favored European designers today. Her impeccable taste, natural talent and personality help her to design elegant wedding dresses and fashionable evening & cocktail gowns that impress, inspire and fascinate. Goretskaya and her team work with a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication, purity and complexity, femininity and extravagance. They see each dress as an opportunity to reflect the beauty of every woman and make her look unforgettable and stunning for any occasion.


We know that our bride not only as a modern woman with an excellent taste and a fine perception of beauty, but also a woman with a strong personality, – says Alena Goretskaya.


All collections are designed in a very romantic, elevated and nonchalant artistic style that made to address to all brides of today who wish to wear something both feminine and daring, but at the same time exceptional and original.


With the great amount of ambition and determination, Alena Goretskaya has transformed Papilio from its humble beginnings into the brand with international recognition.

Please join us in the magnificent world of Papilio.


When a bride finally meets the “the one”, it is time to find the perfect wedding dress of her dreams. Being new to bridal stores Toronto, Papilio offers the finest selection of gorgeous wedding dresses that are designed in a variety of styles and shapes at an amazing price. Whether you choose an elegant and sophisticated dress or a sleek and modern look, you will take everyone’s breath away as you walk down the aisle in a beautiful gown by Papilio. Among available wedding dresses in Toronto Papilio can be recognized for its unique European style and quality.


Our philosophy is not just to make you look beautiful, but also feel comfortable on your special wedding day. Lightness, beauty and extraordinary harmony are the motifs that run through all of the bridal collections.


Wings of Love: If you are the bride who is looking for a perfect bohemian wedding dress with a yesterday feel or vintage vibe, Papilio “Wings of Love” bridal collection will wow you! This truly magical collection of wedding dresses offers many options of so fashionable today – boho chic style. These beautiful, super light, flowy, comfortable wedding dresses handcrafted of natural fibres are ideal for bohemian garden wedding, country style wedding, or vintage-inspired wedding setting.


Swan Princess: The bridal collection you have never seen before! Truly unique wedding dresses are designed for someone who wants forever to be different. From modern sophisticated to timelessly elegant wedding gowns, this collection features more than 70 exclusive styles. Inspired by the famous painting of Mikhail Vrubel, every dress becomes a masterpiece that takes hours of handwork to perfect. Feel incredible on your special day!


Hellas Collection: Hellas is the original name for Greece. Its rich heritage and culture was the inspiration of these goddess gowns. The collection showcases an array of ultra-feminine and elegant wedding styles that are infused with couture beading and embroideries. From the beautifully laced details to the sheer fabrics, these embellished dresses will give you the graceful appeal of a true and happy bride.


Flower Cocktail Collection: This gorgeous collection was inspired by nature and it features more traditional styles of a wedding dress, emphasizing feminine grace and charm. The line has an extensive selection of ball gown wedding dresses for the true romantic bride with a sense of modern appeal. The sheer airy layers and tiers designed for the skirts are made of tulle handwork lace. They add a soft diaphanous type of volume that is light, smooth and actually easy to wear. Feel like a princess on your wedding day!


Road to Hollywood Collection: The collection offers a beautiful sense of glamour of the old-time Hollywood. These unique wedding gowns give the bride a look of class, as well as sophistication. The detailing is breath taking, just as the bride when she will be walking down the aisle on her wedding day. If you are inspired by the style of Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, Andrey Hepburn, or Greta Garbo, there will be always a dress for you.


Sole Mio Collection: This charming bridal collection is truly magical and romantic, full of soft and delightful details. It was inspired by the sunny moments of Italy with its exquisite style, distinctive imagery and immense allure. In celebration of femininity, these wedding dresses designs have entailed gorgeous sophistication, as well as joy and love in each pattern.


For the perfect wedding dresses in Toronto, for every taste and every requirement; Papilio will offer you “the one” dress at reasonable price for your special day.

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